Why you?


Sometimes, the simpler the question, the more insightful the answer.

Have you ever asked yourself why customers choose you?

Have you asked your customers why they choose you?

And then have you compared your answer to the answer your customers gave?

It sounds like a simple and obvious little process. But the question is not only fundamental in your quest to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your business, but sometimes can highlight something that you’ve taken for granted, but which your customers value highly. It could be something very small, but meaningful, and something which sets you apart from your competitors. This is like striking gold. Once you’ve discovered it, the next step is ensuring that it becomes integrated into your company’s brand and forms a platform in the messages you communicate.

The key to ‘discovering’ these elusive elements lies in digging below the surface and looking for the detail. For example, if you ask a customer why they choose to deal with you, the answer may be ‘because you’re pleasant to deal with.’ A fairly generic and bland response and certainly nothing to build a campaign around. But if you dig a little and ask, ‘in what way are we nice to deal with?” You may start getting some details that start to form a clearer picture of the positive perceptions of your customers.

For example, if more forthcoming information, along the lines of ‘no matter, who I deal with, everyone seems to always be in a good mood’ or ‘I always get an answer or follow-up to my query’ or ‘no matter who I deal with they seem to actually care about what they’re doing.’ These kinds of ‘details’ allow you start formulating some key messages and invite some creativity in the way you decide to amplify and promote these types of messages.

Such details become part of what you promote as your business’ ‘customer experience.’

So, keep looking for the detail behind the experience and communicate this detail to set you apart from the generic, ‘me-too’ motherhood statements that overpopulate the marketplace.


by Frank Marrazza
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