The value of an  independent voice.

Whether you’re managing a department or running your own business, your day is more than likely filled with a never ending  list of decisions you need to make.

Many of the day-to-day decisions you make require little thought. Some of them, however, will be what we could term as ‘take a breath’ moments. There are some decisions you need to make that could have far-reaching implications. Even when you’ve gone through the process of objectively raking through the pros and cons of going one way or the other, you can still be left with no obvious right or wrong answer.

So what do you do?

1.    Look for a second opinion.

If you’re in the fortunate position of being able to bounce the proposition off a superior or a business partner, that’s great and you’ll get another view that you hadn’t considered and that will help clarify your thinking. It can also, however, muddy the waters even further.

Add to this that the second opinion coming from another ‘internal’ source means that you could also be gaining advice that is coming from too similar a viewpoint to your own.

2.    You make a decision based on your gut.

The problem with going with your gut is that it’s still only based on your own accumulated, collective experiences and your current instincts and feelings.

3.     Seek an informed, but independent opinion.

When it comes to all matters regarding marketing, design and communications, we offer an ‘on tap’ advisory service for those not wanting to incur the expense of a full time mentor relationship but who like the idea of having a cost efficient  external and independent source on hand to get a truly unbiased viewpoint. We’ve structured various support packages that allow you to tap into an independent marketing, design and communications voice.