Road less travelled


Choosing the road less travelled – risk or reward?

Your day is made up of hundreds of choices.

Most of them require little consideration; they’re the fleeting, flowing minutiae that we all move through as part of a ‘normal’ day.

A lot of these typical choices are made every day in your business. They’re the no-brainers that barely require any type of scrutiny. In the life of every business, there are a number of crunch time decisions you’ll make that will lead to either success or failure.

These are the choices that directly impact on your suppliers, staff and customers.

It’s part of human nature to make a choice based on the tried and tested. We like to operate within our comfort zones. But ‘just being’ means that you’re not getting better. Success, cut-through, the ‘a-ha’ moments of insight, however, are not be found in the comfort zone. These choices belong in another zone altogether – the ‘what if’ zone. This zone is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re serious about making a difference with your business, you need to visit this zone. It’s about challenging the major decisions you’re making about your business. More often than not, the correct choice will be found in the more travelled path, but the danger is of falling into a complacent mindset and default position.

You see, conflict creates cut through and can open up possibilities that you may never have considered. Innovation is nothing more than challenging the conventional and proving that it can work better than the way it’s always been done. If you can incorporate this way of thinking as the ‘norm’ you’ve introduced a very important mindset within the culture of your business.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself:

What’s the expectation here, but what if we presented something outside of this expectation?

Any key decision you make in your business should be put under the ‘expectation’ microscope and vigorously applied:

Where should we locate our business?

How should we deliver our product or service?

Who has a need for our product or service?

Remember, the aim here is not to ‘confuse’ but to positively ‘surprise.’

As long as there’s a genuine ‘value-add’ in presenting the ‘unexpected’ you can build customer loyalty, whilst reinventing yourself and energising your brand – this is a powerful combination. It’s powerful because it’s rare.

So don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. Climbing out to the furthest point on the tree can be precarious, but it can also give you a view of something that everyone else has missed and provide you with a point of difference that will genuinely distinguish your business, product or service.

And yes, the road less travelled involves a risk, but it can also be the path to overlooked discovery and reward.

Start applying it today.


by Frank Marrazza
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