Has your logo lost its mojo?


Has your logo lost its mojo?

Regardless of whether you developed your logo by hurriedly scribbling something on the back of a napkin, bought something off the shelf, or worked collaboratively with a designer to create a symbol reflective of your business philosophy, every logo requires revisiting over time. The question you need to answer is, has your logo lost its mojo?

A good logo should embody simplicity whilst be providing a strong symbol that reflects the key essence of your business. Sounds easy, but hard to get right.

In amongst all the technologically driven, brave new world change that we now find ourselves in, it appears the logo is still considered a mandatory for any business. Rightly or wrongly, it still serves as a stamp of validity and credibility.

Of course, the most brilliant logo in the world costing thousands of dollars won’t help any business with poor service and delivery systems, but it can still make a big difference. As an integral part of your branding suite, it should set up an initial expectation in the minds of your customers. We live in a world of visual shorthand and a logo does a lot of the heavy lifting.

The best example I can offer of this is a scenario where two businesses totally unknown to a prospective customer are invited to quote on a job. The initial contact with both companies is friendly and efficient. Both businesses make appointments to meet with the prospective client, each arriving promptly and at the appointed time. Each business professionally gathers all the facts relating to the job being quoted and follow-up with a timely delivery of their quotations. The quotations are equal in value. All other pre and post quote follow-ups are also of equal merit. One of the businesses presents poorly in that the representative arrives casually dressed, and the collateral representing the business looks old fashioned and unprofessional.  So what swings the decision?

What makes a good logo?

There’s no hard and fast blueprint for what makes a good logo – it’s one part digging (fact finding), one part science (process and method) and one part inspiration (gut), but at the very least ensure it’s professionally executed and aligns with your business philosophy.

Try putting your logo under the microscope with these questions from Spanish designer Borja Acosta de Vizcaino.

  1. Does it work vertically?
  2. Does it work without a box around it?
  3. Can you sketch it quickly?
  4. Is it too literal? (the brand is the sum of everything – not the logo!)
  5. Does it execute the definition of your brand?

If you have an existing logo and would like a professional appraisal of it, or if you’re currently looking at a number of logo designs and sinking in a sea of confusion, you might like to take us up on our logo audit service.

by Frank Marrazza
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