I’ve had a logo designed online. So many choices. I’m really confused. Help!

Every business needs a visual representation that quickly communicates its presence in a crowded and confusing marketplace. Cue the logo.

Logos aren’t the be all and end all of your brand. But they are important – in essence they’re your company’s signature.

Thanks to the proliferation of online services allowing you to engage in a ‘pitch process’, you literally have access to thousands of designers around the world for whatever budget you care to nominate.

A downside to this purely transactional process is that you end up with a confusing array of choices bereft of any heart, soul and focus. The options may look professional and have some visual sizzle, but if they’re not sending the right messages to your market, then you’ve wasted your time and you’re already stumbling on an important fundamental first step.

Whilst going with your ‘gut’ and first impressions all play a part in the decision making process, it’s important that you have some touch points to make sure you’re making a decision based on the right reasons. Ask yourself these three basic questions. Who is my target? How do I want these people to perceive my business? Do the colours, fonts and graphics convey the qualities I want people to associate with my business?

Once you’ve looked at your logo designs against these criteria, seek some outside opinions from a small group ideally consisting of the type of people you are trying to target. Be careful with this part of the process. Most people will give you an opinion based on their own subjective likes and dislikes. You’ll need to listen carefully to what they’re saying and decide whether or not the responses you’re getting are ‘valid’ within the context of your criteria.

If you’re still at a crossroads with your logo, we offer a review service where a qualified design professional will provide a detailed written appraisal on up to five logo designs.

Logo Review