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Free is not free anymore

Free is not free anymore   Along with ‘special offer’ ‘limited time only’ and ‘money back guarantee’ ‘FREE’ has become one of the most overused terms in a heavily cliché-ridden marketing lexicon. Everywhere you look businesses are supposedly offering you something for nothing. The public has either come to expect it, don’t believe [...]

Think Visual

Think Visual     We live in a highly visual world. Technology sees to that and its impact on every aspect of our lives continues to rapidly expand – not least of all in the marketplace. Have you examined lately how your business speaks to its customers? Let’s look at two ways. 1. [...]

Why you?

Why you?   Sometimes, the simpler the question, the more insightful the answer. Have you ever asked yourself why customers choose you? Have you asked your customers why they choose you? And then have you compared your answer to the answer your customers gave? It sounds like a simple and obvious little process. [...]

The wrong bus

The wrong bus   It’s a wet, cold windy morning in Sydney. The traffic is heavy, noisy and relentless. As I wait at a set of traffic lights collecting my thoughts on my way to work, a bus pulls up at the curb in front of me. Plastered on its side is an [...]

Road less travelled

Road less travelled   Choosing the road less travelled – risk or reward? Your day is made up of hundreds of choices. Most of them require little consideration; they’re the fleeting, flowing minutiae that we all move through as part of a ‘normal’ day. A lot of these typical choices are made every [...]

What can we learn from ‘the Boss’ about taking care of business?

What can we learn from 'the Boss' about taking care of business?   I was fortunate enough earlier this year to see Bruce Springsteen in concert. Like many in the audience, it was the umpteenth time I’d caught him live since his first visit to Australia in the mid-eighties. Springsteen has endured. He’s [...]

The Personal Touch Vs The Smart Touch – Are You Getting The Balance Right?

The personal touch vs the smart touch – are you getting the balance right? More and more of our interactions, both personal and commercial, are being catered for by technological platforms driven by convenience, speed and low cost. More often than not we adopt them without thinking. They’re usually meant to save time [...]

Never Trust An Assumption

Never trust and assumption   I conceived the ad below for the research group Ipsos. It’s a simple message: What you think is important and what your customers think is important may be worlds apart. Or more pertinently: What you think they think is important and what they really think is important may be [...]

Disruption – Making it Work in Your Favour

Disruption - making it work in your favour According to the experts, if you’re in business you’re either disrupting other businesses or being disrupted by other businesses. The term itself started becoming prominent through Clayton Christensen’s 1997 book The Innovator’s Dilemma. It was a term Christensen used to explain how small companies were [...]