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Avoiding the Pitfalls of DIY Branding and Marketing.

Avoiding the pitfalls of DIY branding  and marketing. Branding and marketing. Every time you interact with a customer, it’s happening. You can’t totally control how customers will respond to your messages, but you can control what messages you decide to send. Every business has a [...]

How Do I Choose the Best Options for Promoting My Business?

How do I choose  the best options  for promoting  my business? By knowing your customers. There have never  been more options available to advertise and promote your business. Traditional? Digital? Offline? Online? Above the line? Below the line? Social media? Public relations? Direct marketing? [...]

I Have a Great Idea for a Business. So What’s Next?

I have a great idea for a business.  So what’s next? The first, basic step is to start fleshing it out on paper and questioning the idea to within a millimetre of its life! This is a dry run for you to make a decision on [...]

The Value of an Independent Voice.

The value of an  independent voice. Whether you’re managing a department or running your own business, your day is more than likely filled with a never ending  list of decisions you need to make. Many of the day-to-day decisions you make require little thought. Some [...]

How To Use Your Competitors to Make You Stronger.

How to use your competitors to make you stronger? To maximise the potential of your business you need to: Know who you are Know who your customers are Know who your competitors are There’s nothing  like getting  your hands dirty  out in the field [...]