Marketing your strategic plan is important


marketing your strategic plan is important

Marketing your strategic plan is just as important as creating one in the first place, no matter the size of your business or not-for-profit. Strategic plans are designed to give your organisation a solid direction for the next three to five years. But if you build the plan and don’t allow others to share and embrace the vision, then you risk confusing, isolating and ultimately losing their loyalty.

Types of plans

A strategic plan is something to aim for and to help guide decision-making. For example, I worked with an organisation which at the time was based in New South Wales, when strategically they made the decision to become national. In this case, the marketing needed to be comprehensive because it involved a name and therefore brand change, with a plan to roll this out. From the moment the organisation started letting people know they were going national, the nature of conversations changed.

Not all strategies involve such drastic changes. Indeed many are more ‘steady as you go’ approaches; wanting to maintain their current path. It is just as important to share this plan as one which will require significant changes. If your audience is with you because of who you are, letting them know your intention to remain the same will have a positive impact.

Why it matters

Never forget; people are attracted to brands and make a decision to purchase based on emotion. The more you can do to feed that emotional engagement, the stronger the loyalty and the more opportunity there is for growth. You will always be fighting for relevance, and there will always be alternatives, whether they are direct competitors or something different for people to try instead. A strategic plan needs to show you have listened to your audience and are in tune with the niche you have carved out for your business. Your strategic plan should be reflecting audience engagement. To show them you listened, explain any achievements, where you are going and what it means for them.

Pretend your business is a football team. If you didn’t tell fans your plan was to win the premiership in three years and the next two years would be about rebuilding, they would just be frustrated and stop attending matches, particularly if you keep losing without offering them any hope.

Don’t be afraid to share, at a high level, the work you have done in planning for the future. At the end of the day, your success will be dependent on your audience, so they need to buy into your dream.

There is one other beneficiary of marketing your strategic plan, your business. Once you make the path you wish to take known, new opportunities will arise to help you make it possible. You will attract more of the right people because your plan is available for them to consume.

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by Anthony Perl
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